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Founded in 2010, iBiosys Solutions specialise in sourcing and supplying innovative and unique solutions for scientists and corporations across a broad range of industries, with a particular focus on Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Academia. Specialities include Workplace Wellness, Environmental Monitoring, Electronic Sensory Analysis (Odour, Taste and Vision) and Supercritical Fluid Extraction (from laboratory and pilot scale systems to full production systems).


Every project is unique and we work closely with the manufacturers to ensure every solution fits with the end-users requirements.

Our Partners

Alpha MOS develops, manufactures and is the world leader in technologies that digitise the human senses (e-sensing) providing automated solutions for odour, taste and vision analysis.



About Us

KBiosystems has established itself as a leading global design and manufacturer of robust, innovative and cutting edge robotic automation solutions.



Square Square Square

Applied Separations is a world leader in supercritical fluids, extractions and separations and the manufacturer of the Spe-ed SPE range of cartridges.