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Environmental Air Monitoring

WatchTower 1


Fenceline and at-source monitoring of gas & VOC emissions 24/7


The Watchtower 1 provides autonomous fenceline and at-source monitoring of VOCs, odours and air polutants. With the secure cloud based software, real-time results and historical data can be accessed 24/7, anywhere in the world from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Equipped with:

  • up to 4 electrochemical cells, 2 standard cells (H2S & NH3) and 2 optional cells (CO, NO2 and more optional)

  • 4 MOS odour sensors

  • Also provides noise and particle analysis as option

  • Identify odour sources

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WatchTower II


At-source monitoring of gas & VOC emissions 24/7


The Watchtower 2 from is an ideal at-source air monitoring station for VOCs, odours and air polutants. Modular and upgradeable, it can measure up to 12 parameters simultaneously. The secure cloud based software provides access to real-time results and historical data from anywhere in the world, from any computer, tablet or mobile phone, 24/7.


Equiped with:

  • PID for VOC

  • up to 6 electrochemical cells measuring simultaniously (choice of 12 specific gas sensors available)

  • Particle size monitoring can be added as an optional module (from 0,4 to 15 μm)

  • Identify odour sources


Indoor Environmental Monitoring


Monitoring building ‘wellness’ performance and it’s occupants’ perception of well-being.


Indoor environments are highly complex and building occupants may be exposed to a variety of contaminants in the form of gases and particles from office machines, cleaning products, construction activities, carpets and furnishings etc. Other factors such as indoor temperatures, relative humidity and ventilation levels can also affect how individuals respond to indoor environments.


Now you have to opportunity to continuously measure AND map key indoor environmental parameters pertaining to comfort and health with the RubiX POD indoor monitor…


Occupants can also log their perception by simpy #tagging the POD!

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