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ASTREE Electronic Tongue

The ASTREE Electronic Tongue from Alpha MOS, like the human tongue, performs a global analysis (fingerprint) of a complex dissolved organic or inorganic compounds mixture.

The sensor head (7 cross selective sensors) dips into the liquid sample to be tested. Recording of the sensor output is performed within 2 minutes and then analysed by a chemometric software using multivariate statistics.

The ASTREE Electronic Tongue has a similar or better detection threshold for all the basic tastes, compared to the human tongue...

  • Saltiness
  • Sweetness
  • Sourness
  • Bitterness
  • Umami
  • Pungency
  • Spiciness
  • Astringency
  • Kukomi
    • Designed for Applications in R&D, Formulation and Product Development

      • Quantification of taste masking efficiency
      • Bitterness or taste attributes measurement
      • Development of placebo with a taste similar to the active formulation
      • Benchmarking with competitor's products

        • System features

          Liquid Autosampler with a carroussel capacity:

          • 16 beakers (80 mL) or 48 beakers (20mL)
          • Programmable sample agitation
          • Robotic sensor head
          • Individual connections for each sensor
            • Astree Electrochemical Sensor Array including

              • 1 reference electrode (Ag/AgCl)
              • 7 liquid cross selective sensors
              • 2 specific sets - Food & Beverage or Pharmaceutical industries
                • Astree Software with autosampler and acquisition control

                  • Complete multivariate statistics package (PCA, DFA, SIMCA, PLS) and various maintenance tools such as automatic system diagnostic & sensor diagnostic
                    • Analysis features:

                      • Analysis Time: 200s including sensor acquisition (120s) and rinsing time (10s)
                      • Precision: RSD ≤ 3%
                      • Sensitivity and Accuracy: sensors sensitive and partially selective to chemical species (ionic and neutral)


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