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Disposable Columns for Flash Chromatography

Spe-ed Flash columns have been designed and manufactured to meet the critical needs of researchers who are using automated organic purification instruments.



Buy your Flash columns from a company that actually manufactures the packings


  • Get consistent results because there’s uniformity from batch to batch.

  • Uniform and fast flow for excellent separations, because there’s narrow particle size distribution

  • No samples are lost due to pressure problems, because there’s 100% inspection.

  • Every cartridge is tested for leaks at 100 psi

  • A wide range of column configurations to fit most popular instruments - even your custom configuration

  • Fast Delivery and Economical Pricing

  • Large Selection of Packings























To learn more about Applied Separations selection of disposable columns for flash chromatography, click here to download the brochure.



The Flash Chromatography products and accessories offered by Applied Separations will allow you to successfully complete your Flash projects.



Empty Columns:


Applied Separations’ flash columns can be purchased either empty, or with frits.


They also offer the following:


  • Silica

  • Reverse Phase

  • Ionic Exchangers