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Sensory Analysis

The sensory features and chemical composition are key parameters in the food & beverage industry since they directly determine the quality and success of products. Alpha MOS provides solutions to measure and evaluate the odour and taste of food & beverage products for applications in:

  • Quality Control of food and beverage: sensory conformity testing, aroma control, off-odour detection, taste control
  • New food & beverage product development: competition benchmarking, influence of process on aroma or taste, new process monitoring, food shelf life evaluation, aroma ageing follow-up
  • Claims monitoring: identification of defect cause
  • Packaging testing: food packaging interaction evaluation
    • Food & Beverage Sensory Analysis

      With Alpha MOS Electronic Nose and Tongue intruments, the odour and taste of all food & beverage products and raw materials can be potentially analyzed directly without any sample preparation:

      • raw materials and food ingredients,
      • processed food,
      • beverages.
        • Sensory analysis applications already developed include edible oils, Omega-3, starch, gums, flavourings, cereals, fruits & vegetables, meat (pork, poultry), fish, dairy products and milk, salad dressing, seasonings, soups, frozen food, chocolate, coffee (beans and drink), tea, wines, liquors, fruit juice, sodas, beers, malt,... etc

          And also food packaging sensory testing: plastic bottles, multilaminated films, etc.

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In food and beverage microbiology laboratories, Colony Pickers enhance work-flow efficiency by enabling screening, picking thousands of microbial colonies and transferring them for further testing. KBiosystems have designed a range of fully flexible Colony Picking systems. Their systems are entirely designed to suit the end user - no fixed format of use such as restrictive labware or limited software functionality, all of which come with additional expense.

Depending on the model, KBiosystems Colony Pickers are capable of 1000 to over 4500 colonies per hour (36,000 colonies in a working day) and provide Colony Picking, Regional Picking, Plate Replication, Re-arraying and Arraying.

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