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HERACLES Electronic Nose

The HERACLES II Electronic Nose from Alpha MOS is the most powerful and flexible electronic nose yet. The system uses ultra fast gas chromatography technology with integrated pre-concentration.


It can analyze both the olfactory fingerprint of a product as well as the chemical compounds contributing to olfactory differences.



The HERACLES II system combines unique features:


  • Liquid and headspace injection modes

  • Two different metal capillary columns in parallel

  • Integrated solid adsorbent cooled trap



It achieves:

  • Aroma profiling and characterization correlated to sensory analysis

  • Chemical compounds separation, identification and quantification following GC accepted principles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Ideal for:

  • Conformity and Quality Control

  • Batch to Batch Consistency Testing

  • Off-odour Investigation

  • Process Optimization / Monitoring

  • Shelf-life and Stability Follow-up

  • Competition Benchmarking

  • Candidate Formulations Screening

  • Correlation with Sensory Panel Analysis



Unsurpassed performance


  • Fast analysis without compromise on resolution

  • Analysis time for VOCs < 20 sec., for SVOCs < 60 sec

  • High Sensitivity (ppm range)

  • Excellent repeatability of 1 to 3% in quantitative determinations and repeatability of 0.1 to 0.3% in retention times



Powerful and user-friendly software


  • Unique and easy to use functionalities such as the multivariate statistical package and multiple graphical tools xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Customizable and Comprehensive data processing including chromatography functionalities and fingerprint charts (Radar plot, SQC, PCA, DFA, PLS, SIMCA) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Optional AroChemBase: chemical and sensory characterization of odour compounds


With this database containing chemical and sensory data, the molecules detected by the HERACLES system can be classified according to their Kovats indices:


  • More than 44,200 compounds, including 1,900 with sensory information

  • Possible selection by application or chemical family

  • NIST database included  


Alpha MOS has developed an Electronic Nose (E-Nose) instrument to automate the analysis of odours and volatile compounds (VOC). In a way similar to the human nose, the Electronic Nose (E-Nose) allows global analysis of the headspace (volatile compounds) generated by liquid, gaseous or solid samples.


This odour analyzer consists of three main parts: a sampling system, a detection system and a data acquisition & processing system. Various sampling modes are available.