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Pharma (Medication) Analysis - Online report


Every person reacts differently to medicine. Unwanted drug side effects are after cardiovascular disease and cancer the third most common cause of death in the Western world. Usually these side effects are determined by inherited genetic variations or interactions between certain medications. Predicting the pharma profile is a valuable approach to prevent the effects of overdose (toxicity) or under dose (effectiveness).

Based on the genetic profile, the pharma analysis allows the effectiveness of 500+ drugs to be determined and avoiding side effects.

Some people benefit from a particular medicine, whilst others experience mild to fatal side effects. 40% of all medications do not work as it should. About 50% of this has to do with genetic defects that inhibit drug degradation. It is estimated that 7% of patients suffer from severe side effects.

Analysis of over 22 genetic variations
Analysis of 500+ drugs for effectiveness
Analyses whether genetic defects inhibit metabolic degradation of drugs
Indicates recommended dosages
Provides information about the rate of absorption
Indicates whether there are side effects and whether an alternative is recommended
Improves treatment results