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Weight Analysis


Each of us carries different genes, some people may gain weight by absorbing too much fat (due to their unfavourable genes) while others can have twice as much fat in their diet and still absorb only the necessary amount. The situation is similar with carbohydrates.

The optimum amount of exercise and calorie reduction also depends on your genes, which explains why a person can have great progress in losing weight with a low-fat diet, while others have to exercise to achieve the same result.


. - Whether weight gain is predominantly caused by fat or carbohydrates
 - Genetic predisposition for fat deposited around vital organs
 - Genetic predisposition to obesity
 - Behavioural analysis:
     - Strength of yo-yo effect
     - How intense is the feeling of hunger
     - How intense is the feeling of being full
     - Genetic tendency to snacking and to eating calorie rich foods
 - Effect of food components according to your genes
 - Effect of calorie reduction (eating less) for losing weight
 - Strength and endurance sports recommendations
 - Dietary recommendations
 - Food list
 - Plan your diet