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IRIS Electronic Eye

The IRIS Electronic Eye from Alpha MOS is a Visual Analyzer that analyzes colours and shapes. 


It provides advanced colour analysis of complex surfaces of food, beverage and packaging products and performs an overall visual analysis of the product as seen by the consumer, whatever the size, shape, texture, packaging. It also allows a focused visual analysis of selected portions.


It is not only a camera-based colorimeter but also a powerful analyzer of shape descriptors and shape parameters.


Through controlled and consistent image acquisition and powerful colour and shape data processing, the IRIS Visual Analyzer achieves the visual characterization of complex and non-uniform surfaces.



Designed for Quality Control, Process Monitoring and Product Development


Rapid analysis of visual parameters, qualitatively and quantitatively for applications such as:


  • Control of visual conformity

  • Evaluation of process impact on product aspect

  • Stability and shelf life monitoring through appearance

  • Visual benchmarking of competitive products

  • Exogenous colours / materials identification

  • Characterization of visual defects

  • Analysis of consumer visual likings



System features 


The instrument consists of:


  • A closable measurement chamber of large dimensions (420 x 560 mm) that guarantees controlled light conditions, with no influence of external light for visual analysis xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • A software-controlled CCD camera (16 Million colors) for high resolution imaging with auto focus and zoom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Data acquisition and processing, achieved through Alpha MOS proprietary software (Alpha Soft) using advanced multivariate statistics. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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