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Odour and taste are key parameters in pharmaceutical medicines, and more particularly in oral forms, since they determine palatability, patient acceptability and success on the market. Alpha MOS provides solutions to measure and evaluate the odour and taste of medicines for applications in pharmaceutical formulation and pharmaceutical product development:

  • Taste masking efficiency testing
  • Odour masking evaluation
  • Bitterness measurement of active principles and new chemical entities
  • Placebo matching assessment.
  • Sensory Analysis of Pharmaceutical Products
    • With Alpha MOS' Electronic Tongue & Electronic Nose, the taste and odour of all delivery forms of OTC, RX and generics can be directly analyzed:

      • Solution & syrup
      • Hard or soft capsule
      • Suspension & microemulsion
      • Pellet & film-coated tablet
      • Chewable tablet
      • Immediate/sustained release tablet
        • as well as chemical compounds (API, NCE), excipients and ingredients (flavours, additives).

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We offer an extensive range of SPE products from Applied Separations - one of the major manufacturers of the sorbents used in your laboratories today!

Applied Separations offers a wide variety of Spe-ed (SPE) accessories, including medical grade polypropylene cartridges available in sizes ranging from 1mL to 60mL, MiniSpe-ed (Sep-Pak type), large reservoir cartridges (LRC) and of course the popular Spe-ed 96 Microtiter plates.

With a list of over 2000 combinations of cartridges or microplates and sorbent, we only show a small sample of products available from Applied Separations. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us to discuss your project.

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In the drug discovery and development process, Colony Pickers enhance work-flow efficiency by enabling screening, picking thousands of microbial colonies and transferring them for further testing. KBiosystems have designed a range of fully flexible Colony Picking systems. Their systems are entirely designed to suit the end user - no fixed format of use such as restrictive labware or limited software functionality, all of which come with additional expense.

Depending on the model, KBiosystems Colony Pickers are capable of 1000 to over 4500 colonies per hour (36,000 colonies in a working day) and provide Colony Picking, Regional Picking, Plate Replication, Re-arraying and Arraying.

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From Thermal to Adhesive plate sealers, KBiosystems are the original manufacturer of many of the plate sealers you see in the laboratory today. Now they are bringing their technology, renowned for its ease of use, versatility and reliability, directly to you...

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