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  • Monitors indoor air quality - physical and chemical parameters including allergens, 24/7

  • Identification of odour and particle sources

  • Simple installation - can be carried out by company IT departments

  • Provides online analytics and nuisances alarms with real-time alerts

             - Standard and customisable alert thresholds for each data set

             - Notification by warning message (Text or E-mail)

             - Analytical qualification of the level of physical & chemical stress within a Workforce

  • Installing a network of PODs for wellness & nuisances monitoring provides wellness mapping within the working environment

             - Dynamic mapping of key parameters via a centralised wireless network -LoRa & WiFi

             - Cloud based software

             - Simple information and globalised control

             - Automated alarms and generation of customised reports

             - Simple discomfort information via questionnaire by #Tag connection

  • Easy to use software and full access to all data (objective analytics & subjective perception)

Medical and scientific research has proven that air quality, noise, lighting quality, temperature and humidity all have a huge influence on well-being and productivity.


In 2015 the world’s first building standard focusing exclusively on human health and wellness was introduced, setting out building performance requirements that help create an environment to improve the mood, performance or even the sleep patterns of its occupants.


Installing a network of indoor air quality monitors allows companies to collect objective and subjective data, providing a complete wellness map for their working environment.

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Shaped as an elegant object, the RubiX POD can either be attached to a wall or simply placed on a desk.


Objective data is collected in real-time via sensors, subjective data is collected when occupants log their perception of wellbeing by simply #tagging the POD.

Parameters measured:

  • Temperature (range: -30°C to 120°C)

  • Humidity (range: 1% to 100%)

  • Light (light intensity, flicker)

  • Noise (sensitivity of the human ear, stress)

  • Air Quality (6 gas sensors: CO, H2S and 4 odour sensors)

  • Particles (Particulate Matter (Particle Pollution) 1um to PM 10 or 40um)

  • Vibration

The world’s first IoT device for well-being evaluation:

Accurate, relevant data collection allows for fast response times and the appropriate action taken for improving indoor environmental quality, building performance and global well-being.


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Increased Well-being


+40% increase in productivity with more natural light (reduction in visual stress & headaches)

Increased Efficiency in the workplace


+19% increase in creativity with a suitable temperature

Less Global Warming


-26% - less sick days with correct humidity and better ventilation


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  • Organisations providing office working environments - call centres, telecom companies, banks, trading floors, insurance companies and many more...

  • Factory Production Floors

  • Shopping malls and department stores

  • Hotels within their atriums, meeting rooms and bedrooms

  • Airports and Subways (Underground)

  • Restaurants and Canteens

  • Gyms and Spas

  • Even in your own home...

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