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Supercritical Fluids Pilot Plants and Small Production

Basic Pilot Plant


Multipurpose, Expandable SFE Pilot System


The basic supercritical pilot plant is a "no frills" caster-mounted system for the budgetminded. You, as the user, determine the size of the system. Although it may be a basic, the same high quality workmanship and safety seen in the other system is also included here.




Heated, stainless steel, extraction vessel, 10,000 psi, 150°C (you tell us the size)

Heated, stainless steel, cyclone separator vessel (based on extractor vessel size – or your specification) and back pressure controller

CO2 pump (appropriately sized for the extractor vessel size)

Easy to use and access stainless steel tubing, valving, and switching. Easy to read gauges. All necessary safety features for potential over pressure/ over temperature conditions.




Computer/data logging outputs

CO2 recycling

Modifier pump


2-TECH-L/S  Pilot System


Multipurpose, Expandable SFE Pilot System


The 2-TECH-L/S is a multipurpose, movable pilot plant/small production system. The system has been ingeniously designed to process both solid/semi-solid samples and liquid samples. Solids are extracted in batch by a 5 liter (or 2 liter) extractor vessel and cyclone separator. Liquids are extracted through a counter-current column where supercritical CO2 flows counter-current to the flow of a liquid containing the compound of interest. Through a crossover network, extract from the solids extractor vessel can also be sent to the counter-current column.


Although most supercritical fluid extractions are accomplished using carbon dioxide, other gases can also be used. The 2-TECH-L/S system supports the supercritical fluid extraction by other gases as long as facilities modifications are made.


System Specifications



  • Temperature: 150°C

  • Pressures: 10,000 psi (680 BAR)

  • Pump: 1 L/min

  • Schematic following control panel

  • optional:

  • CO2 recycle

  • Computer interface


Solids System

  • Extractor Vessel: 2L or 5L

  • Cyclone separator: 500 mL or 1 L


Liquid System

  • Counter-current column: 1 meter length (nom. 2 L volume)

  • Liquid feed pump: 400mL/min

  • Crossover network

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Custom Systems


Applied Separations have built hundreds of custom systems for many different kinds of applications; from simple extractions to complex depositions, to impregnations or particle generation to cleaning, just to name a few.


Whatever your requirements for a supercritical system may be, Applied Separations can build it.


Manual Operation or Automation with Computer Control


Each of the Pilot Plant Supercritical Fluid systems can be operated manually or completely automated and PC controlled, with concise and clear presentations. Applied Separations has developed software that controls system components and provides the user with maximum information specific for SCF applications.


  • Graphical presentation of the entire system

  • Applications screens

  • Summary screens

  • Loop checks

  • User prompting displays

  • Combinational function displays

  • Sequential function displays

  • Real time data logging

  • Data extraction and graphing