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Genetic Sport Analysis



The Genetic Sports Analysis contains

Analysis of more than 52 genes



Muscle Structure & Talent

Describes the structure of your muscle cells and analyzes your genetic talent for strength and endurance sports.



Maximal Oxygen Uptake (VO2MAX)

Your genetic capability to absorb oxygen through the lungs and transport it to the appropriate muscles.



Oxidative Stress

Athletes produce considerably more free radicals that can damage the tissue.

The analysis describes the degradation of free radicals and analyzes the right dose of antioxidants.




Learn about which harmful substances you should avoid in particular because of your genetics.



Inflammatory Response to Injury

During excessive exercise, the tissue is damaged. The immune system normally recognizes this as a normal process and there is no inflammation or swelling. Certain genes control the aggressiveness of the immune system and can lead to a higher risk of injury.



Recovery Phase

Tissue gets damaged in many places and many free radicals form during extreme physical activity.

The body normally needs an optimum rest period to recover from stress.



Optimal Nutrition

Nutrigenetics: Genetic analysis provides dietary recommendations and the optimal nutrition to live healthily and enhance your athletic performance.



Optimal Micronutrients

Determine your unique requirements for vitamins and minerals based on your genetic analysis results.



Optimal Calorie Balance

Calories are the fuel for our cells and athletic performance. Peak performances can only be achieved with the optimal distribution.


Optimal Body Weight

The right weight is very important for many sports. Learn how you can get to your ideal weight.


Strategic Plan

Determine your strategic plan for your entire athletic career.


Food List

This food list has over 1,000 foods listed based on your genes and helps you plan your nutrition.



Enhance your performance in competitive sport!





How it works



Order your analysis and create your personal account with PGL



PGL will send you a DNA Kit containing 3 swabs - simply collect your DNA with the saliva sample kit



PGL's modern, state-of-the-art laboratory will analyse your samples, sequencing the whole genome, and

evaluate your genetic profile



Receive your results online in the My Pure portal and in a UNIQUE PERSONAL BOOK within 4 weeks



Receive a follow-up call from iBiosys who will take you through your analysis results and answer any questions you may have




All DNA swabs and samples are destroyed after successful analysis. All DNA data is destroyed after 1 month.

We take your privacy very seriously, no DNA data is shared or sold to 3rd parties, nor is it kept for research purposes