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The Watchtower 2 is ideal for the following industrial sectors:



















WatchTower II (WT2)

Monitor emissions and assess their impact in real-time!


Watchtower 2 provides on-line indoor and outside air emission monitoring based on multiple gas sensors arrays (H2S, NH3, SO2 …). These on-line instruments provide monitoring of plant emissions and process control capability with automatic triggering and sampling devices.


Monitor Gas & VOC emissions 24/7

Predict odour nuisance

Identify odour sources

Fence Line monitoring

Monitor Particles sizes

Receive real-time alerts

Control processes


On-line autonomous outside air emission monitoring station

Our health depends on the quality of air we breathe!


Watchtower 2 is equiped with a PID for VOCs and EC for up to 6 simultaneous specific gas sensors (out of our choice of 12 various possibilities).

Particle size monitoring can be added as an optional module from 0.4 to 15 μm.

Correlation with OU can be provided via automatic on-line sampling and dynamic olfactometry or field olfactometry and a simple to build correlation model.

Provides on-line (PC, Tablets, and phone) automatic reading of gas concentration, automatic alarms.

Cutting Edge data processing provides on-line correlation with gas and sensory perception and allows impact and plume prediction.

Network of WT2 analyzers

  • Suitable for any type of emission source

  • Dedicated sampling system for wet and concentrated air flows (e.g. industrial chimneys)

  • Outdoor and indoor air analysis

Field weather station(s)

Real-time measurments of local weather parameters influencing the dispersion of polluants. (RH, T°, wind speed, wind direction, rain, pyranometer )

Complete range of services

  • Odour audit

  • Odour diagnosis

  • Impact assessment

  • Zero state

  • Technical support

  • Training


Multiple monitoring levels

Modular and scalable, the WT2 monitoring network is sized to your needs. Your results are available source by source, site by site or on a regional scale.


On-line results

With the RUBIX Soft SAS secured website, use your web browser to access your data, 24/7, anywhere in the world.



Waste water


Food industry



Pulp & paper

Aroma & fragrances

Industrial sites


Engineering consultancies

How it works:

  • Source identification with pattern recognition build in software and automatic sampling

  • Automatic Plug-in installation and Self Configuration ( GPS position and central controller for easy reconfiguration and adaptation)

  • Multi Gas source monitoring and identification

  • Olfactory and chemical monitoring tailored to your industrial sector

  • Improved communication with residents and authorities

  • Better understanding of the odor problem enabling adjustment of on-site operations

  • Optimized operation of odor control facilities leading to drastic cost reduction

  • Efficiency of air treatment processes continuously monitored

  • Reliable tool for decision making within a continuous improvement approach (iso 14001, iso 9001)

Benefits of the Watchtower 2





Designed to monitor one or more sources at one or more industrial sites, the WT 2 measurement network provides you with real-time key information for efficient management of chemicals and olfactory pollution.
















Off line dispersion plume

Dynamic 3D mapping of dispersion plumes

Calculations of concentrations in the vicinity of the site(s)

Dispersion reports


On line alerts and source identification

Configurable alert threshold

Process control ( Bio filters, scrubbers, ventilation …)

Pattern matching software ( PCA, LDA, PLS )


Real-time alerts

Configurable alert threshold

Notification by warning siren, flashing light, SMS, email, etc.


Control of air treatment facilities

 Automatic activation & deactivation based on emissions levels

Amount of additives adjusted to the odor concentration





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