Flash gas chromatography electronic nose

The HERACLES Neo range of electronic noses are dedicated to the analysis of your products’ aroma and, when combined with the AroChemBase software option, can identify the chemical composition of the odour. Thanks to its numerous applications, its high precision and ease of use, gain greater control of the sensory profile of your products.

Unique benefits of the HERACLES Neo electronic nose

  • Increased reliability of sensory evaluation
  • Improved sensory quality within production and assured consistency over time
  • Standardised aroma quality of products between production sites on a global scale
  • Control the sensory characteristics of products
  • Investigate customer claims linked to smell or off-odours, decreasing financial loss
  • Significantly decrease production loss thanks to earlier detection and better reactivity on olfactory defects
  • Speed up liberating tests on production batches

The sensory profile and sensory quality of a product are key factors for its success among consumers, as such, there is a constant need for sensory evaluation from the product development stage, right through to production quality control level.

To ensure a consistent excellence in quality, electronic sensory analysis is now a very common quality control application in industry and is often employed in combination with a sensory panel during the R&D stages


AROCHEMBASE, molecule characterisation module

The AroChemBase software module from Alpha MOS is designed to help identify and characterise the chemical molecules detected when analysing a flavour profile or odour.

  • AroChemBase can be used with any instrument based on gas chromatography as well as with the HERACLES Neo electronic nose.

  • Based on the Kovats index, the AroChemBase module delivers a list of possible compounds sorted by relevance index. With information on the sensory attributes related to the chemical compounds and human detection thresholds, samples can be further evaluated on their organoleptics features.

  • Database of chemical compounds with related sensory notes, offering advanced search capabilities for flavour profile or odour analysis, and can be further enriched with users’ measurement data.

A unique tool for odour and aroma evaluation using gas chromatography

  • More than 99,000 chemical compounds with name, chemical formula, CAS number, retention indices on several chromatography columns
  • Approximately 2,000 molecules with related sensory notes and odour attributes 
  • More than 1800 molecules with human odour detection threshold

AroChemBase Applications

Specifically designed to rapidly define a sensory profile and chemical and sensory characterisation, the AroChemBase module is particularly recommended for applications that require more than an odour fingerptint analysis, such as:

  • Qualification of the aromatic profile of a product and of sensory notes involved
  • Characterisation of the chemical composition of the odour thanks to gas chromatography technology
  • Sensory benchmarking of competitive products or reference products
  • Re-formulation of products (or retro-engineering) to optimise its aroma characteristics
  • Off-odours investigation: identification of chemical compounds behind a defect producing a bad odour or a customer claim
  • Aroma Stability - Identification of molecules responsible for a change of odour during product ageing.


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