Taste sensor based electronic tongue

The reliability of the electronic tongue enables you to make product development easier by characterising their taste. This instrument is perfect for avoiding possible health hazards to your panel of testers when evaluating products containing harmful or unpleasant molecules.

The remarkable benefits of the ASTREE electronic tongue

  • Make sensory evaluation more reliable thanks to an automated, objective and reproducible measurement
  • Control the sensory characteristics of your products thanks to a detailed knowledge on taste attributes
  • Assure assessors’ safety by avoiding exposure to potentially dangerous or unpleasant substances.

The sensory profile and sensory quality of a product are key factors for its success among consumers, as such, there is a constant need for sensory evaluation from the product development stage, right through to production quality control level.

To ensure a consistent excellence in quality, electronic sensory analysis is now a very common quality control application in industry and is often employed in combination with a sensory panel during the R&D stages

ASTREE : unsurpassed technical performance

Based on a technology of ChemFET liquid sensors and a conductivity measurement, the ASTREE electronic tongue from Alpha MOS evaluates the taste of products. This analytical instrument features unique technical characteristics to achieve unsurpassed performance in taste analysis globally, as well as specifically for some taste attributes (saltiness, acidity, umami):

Evaluation of taste fingerprint

The ASTREE electronic tongue detects all organic and inorganic compounds responsible for taste in liquids. With Alpha MOS' AlphaSoft data processing software, based on multivariate statistics, the instrument can assess the overall taste profile, just as the human tongue does.

Quantitative analysis capabilities

With the electronic tongue ChemFET liquid sensors it is possible to simultaneously rank similar samples according to the intensity of attributes such as saltiness, acidity (sourness) and umami.

Objectivity of measurement

The use of an instrument like the ASTREE electronic tongue from Alpha MOS to assess the taste in controlled and automated conditions assures repeatable, reproducible and totally objective results.

High-throughput analysis with fast run times

The ASTREE electronic tongue autosampler allows you to automate a sequence of analysis for a set of samples, with a sample analysed every 3 minutes.


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