Flash gas chromatography electronic nose

The HERACLES Neo range of electronic noses are dedicated to the analysis of your products’ aroma and, when combined with the AroChemBase software option, can identify the chemical composition of the odour. Thanks to its numerous applications, its high precision and ease of use, gain greater control of the sensory profile of your products.

Unique benefits of the HERACLES Neo electronic nose

  • Increased reliability of sensory evaluation
  • Improved sensory quality within production and assured consistency over time
  • Standardised aroma quality of products between production sites on a global scale
  • Control the sensory characteristics of products
  • Investigate customer claims linked to smell or off-odours, decreasing financial loss
  • Significantly decrease production loss thanks to earlier detection and better reactivity on olfactory defects
  • Speed up liberating tests on production batches

The sensory profile and sensory quality of a product are key factors for its success among consumers, as such, there is a constant need for sensory evaluation from the product development stage, right through to production quality control level.

To ensure a consistent excellence in quality, electronic sensory analysis is now a very common quality control application in industry and is often employed in combination with a sensory panel during the R&D stages


Make quality control easier with the electronic nose

Consumers expect their favourite products to have a consistent sensory quality. With objective and reliable measurements, the HERACLES Neo electronic nose helps to control the sensory profile of products.

In a Quality Control environment the HERACLES Neo is ideal for:

  • Sensory conformity and aroma quality control testing
  • Batch to Batch consistency testing
  • Off-odour detection, odourous contaminant detection
  • Consumer complaints investigation and identification of odorous defects subjected to a customer claim
  • Influence of the manufacturing process on food flavouring, for example; raw material seasonal variation
  • Shelf-life and stability follow-up, ingredient selection based on their shelf life and the stability of their sensory profile
  • Food packaging testing: evaluation of the impact of food-contact materials on the organoleptic quality of food

HERACLES Neo 200 Series & Heracles QA - Quality Control tools

The HERACLES Neo 200 Series and the Heracles QA are specifically designed for the QA/QC environment. Controlled with AlphaSoft, the unique software platform that allows you to operate all Alpha MOS' sensory analysis instruments, it includes an easy to use software control interface and easy to understand results display with Sensory ID (Pass/fail display). Also included in the package is the basic (Level A) product comparison as a first statistical data processing level.

Injection mode:

  • Gas injection autosampler

Sample Capacity:

  • 2 trays x 45 positions (Headspace)

Software modules specifically designed for QC/QA

Basic Statistical Processing

LEVEL A - Data exploration prior to building another model: Principal Components Analysis (PCA) is an easy qualitative comparison of samples.

Sensory ID

With this new patent pending method for data processing, Heracles QA achieves easier and faster tracking of chemical and sensory defects that can occur during production. Sensory ID is Alpha MOS' proprietary model designed for industry users who need to make quick and accurate decisions with a PASS/FAIL display.


An intuitive interface specifically designed for production operators. Find all your tools in one window – view, create, and easily launch your ultra fast analysis. MMI Pro is designed for the production environment by reducing the number of steps to launch an analysis, thus reducing potential human errors.


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