High resolution imaging visual analyser

The IRIS electronic visual analyser digitally measures the colour and appearance of products in a single analysis, just as they are perceived by the consumer. Thanks to its high measurement accuracy and its reliability of analysis in the long term, control the visual aspect of your products to ensure customer satisfaction.

Unique benefits of the IRIS electronic visual analyser

  • Make sensory evaluation more reliable thanks to an objective and reproducible digital measurement
  • Improve sensory quality of production and assure its consistency over time due to traceability of products images
  • Standardise the visual quality of products between production sites on a global scale
  • Control the visual features and aspects of products thanks to an in-depth knowledge of colour and appearance attributes

The sensory profile and sensory quality of a product are key factors for its success among consumers, as such, there is a constant need for sensory evaluation from the product development stage, right through to production quality control level.

To ensure a consistent excellence in quality, electronic sensory analysis is now a very common quality control application in industry and is often employed in combination with a sensory panel during the R&D stages

IRIS : unsurpassed technical performance

Using high resolution imaging under controlled lighting and imaging conditions, the IRIS visual analyser from Alpha MOS is designed for colour and appearance analysis, and features unique technical characteristics to achieve unsurpassed performance.

Simultaneous analysis of colours and appearance as perceived by the consumer

From a single picture taken with a high resolution camera, the IRIS electronic visual analyser from Alpha MOS assesses the overall product and measures all colour and shape attributes (dimensions, circularity, etc.) on the product's surface.

Simplicity and high analysis throughput

The IRIS visual analyser requires no sample preparation and allows evaluation of large samples or several samples simultaneously, complex or irregular surfaces, and is a non-destructive analysis. The analysis can also be conducted on the overall product or on selected portions.

Objectivity and precision for colour and appearance measurement

The use of an instrument like the IRIS visual analyser to evaluate the visual aspect in controlled conditions and with high sensitivity to colour differences, even slight ones, guarantees repeatable, reproducible and totally objective results.

Ensures long-term stability of colour and appearance measurement

Thanks to a high repeatability of analysis and from measurements history, the visual analyser allows you to track visual attributes, long term, to guarantee a consistent visual quality over time and assure traceability of production batches.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis capabilities

The data processing software for colour and appearance allows you to evaluate both the global appearance of products and also to quantify specific visual attributes.


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