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iBiosys-Digitizing Human Senses-POD2-Indoor monitor

POD2 - Indoor Monitoring System

Human Senses Digitalization, the first step to advanced environmental intelligence

Monitor a wide range of sensory parameters

Odour Analysis - POD2 - ibiosys


Humidity measurement - POD2 - iBiosys





Noise measurement - POD2 - Indoor monitor - iBiosys

Air quality


Temperature measurement - POD2 - iBiosys
Light measurement - POD2 - Indoor Monitor - iBiosys
Air quality - measurement - POD2 - indoor monitor - iBiosys
Particle measurement and idenfication - POD2 - iBiosys
Vibration measurement - POD2 indoor monitor - iBiosys


pollutant gases - measurement and detection - POD2 - iBiosys



Understand, optimize and control your indoor environment


The POD2 provides a complete solution for monitoring your indoor environment, ensuring optimal health, well-being and productivity.


Companies can collect objective data (measured by sensors) and subjective data (according to each person's perception, via the app), measuring key parameters in real-time, related to comfort and health. 

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Inspired by Humans


With a unique biomimetic approach, Ellona digitalizes the human senses and reveals the ambient conditions of an environment (indoor or outdoor). Vague impressions (“it smells bad”) become clear and precise (“the smell is composed of a mixture of XXX and YY and appeared at 11:57 am”). In doing so, customers are provided with actionable data, helping them to take action and improve their processes and operations.

POD2 Indoor Air Quality Monitor - iBiosys

Environmental Intelligence


Collecting all the analytical and subjective data needed to identify the sources of nuisances, allows you to map the quality of indoor environments and optimize the management of buildings.

  • 24/7 real-time readings of gas concentrations (up to 5 different gases), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • Measurement and identification of odours.

  • Identification of particles.

  • Intensity and identification of noises.

  • Identification of light intensity, light colours and flickers.

  • 24/7 readings of: temperature, light, humidity, pressure, and vibration.

  • Real-time alerts (configurable thresholds) with notifications (text, email, etc.).

  • Automated process activation (ventilation, light variation, etc.).

  • Integrates input from employees and community thanks to the unique QR codes for each device.

  • Data readings: by device, by area and by building.

  • Main areas of application: open spaces, offices, schools.

Available in three pre-configured versions


+POD2 Basic      +POD2 Advanced      +POD2 Hospital



Ellona's POD2 Advanced brings you the Sentinel Cleaning Solution application, designed to monitor COVID-19 cleaning operations during and post-pandemic. Just one of four pre-configured uses.


Whether it's monitoring air quality, comfort or hygiene, the POD2 Indoor Environmental Monitor restores trust within indoor spaces.

Human Senses Digitization.

Sensors and IoT replace the human sense receptor cells. Artificial Intelligence, machine-learning and big-data replace the human brain, transforming data into usable information to improve working conditions and customer experience, reduce neighbourhood nuisances and optimize your business processes.

Human senses digitization - ellona scheme - iBiosys

Gas Sensors Available

Carbon Dioxide

Volatile Organic Compounds


Hydrogen Sulphide

Nitrogen Dioxide


Sulphur Dioxide

Nitric Oxide

Carbon Monoxide



Hydrogen Chloride


Ethylene Oxide



Hydrogen Cyanide




Digitization of Human Senses (HSD)
Combining physical and chemical data collection with human perceptions


Source fingerprinting
Identify sources of pollution and track root causes

Odour recognition
Identification and quantification of odours with large databanks


Patented technology
High-quality electronics for the best signal-to-noise ratio and limits of detection (LOD)


Real-time data
Continuous monitoring with data intervals every 10 seconds


Dynamic system
Independent air entry/exit channels for gas and PM measurements

Multiple connectivity options
Network agnostic: 2G/3G, Wi-Fi, LTE-M, Ethernet and LoRa


Power capabilities
Multiple power choices: PoE, Micro-USB and back-up battery


Over-the-air updates
Remote updates of embedded software, configuration and maintenance

Trigger remediation
Control processes via built-in APIs on EllonaSoft


Multi-colour LED notifications
Notifications for different alerts


IP networked
Leverage communication between devices


POD2 - Analyse in real-time
POD2 - Identification
POD2 - Alerts and Quality Index
POD2 - Automatic triggering of remediation
POD2 - Feedback on human perception
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