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New POD2 indoor dashboard on Ellonasoft

Ellona launches its new indoor dashboard for the POD2 on the Ellonasoft platform, helping you to take control of your environment!

The new indoor dashboard for the POD2 is bursting with features, all designed to enhance your user experience....

New dedicated applications

Designed and pre-loaded to improve ease of use and understanding of data. Viewing and managing your indoor environment is now simpler, easier and more convenient than ever.

Provides a clear display of key indicators:

  • NEW! Containment Index (characterizing the adequacy of air renewal in a room according to its use. A high confinement index indicates that the air renewal is insufficient)

  • Air Quality Index

  • Comfort Index

  • Viral Transmission Index

  • Odour Index

New key features on the dashboard:

  • Packaged applications making data easier to read and understand

  • Quick overview of the status of all your sites

  • 2 different detailed overviews per space

  • Visualization of relevant parameters, adapted to the solution chosen for your requirements: Environmental Quality, Well-being, COVID-19 Cleaning… etc.

  • Display of key indicators: Containment Index, Viral Transmission, Comfort…

  • Real-time and easy visualization of alarms

  • Historical and real-time data visualization every 10 secs per parameter

Spot trends easily to identify and address any issues

Simple to understand, the indoor dashboard makes it easy to spot trends and valuable insights about your environment. From this data you can now customize alarms and notifications, based on your preferences, allowing you to identify and address issues immediately.

Gas sensor measurements now available in µg/m3:

To improve the monitoring of gas emissions, you now have the possibility of visualizing gas sensor measurements not only in ppm units, but also in µg/m3.

Names and categories have been optimized for measured parameters:

Ellona has also improved, adapted and harmonized the names of each measured parameter on the platform in order to:

  • Ease your user experience

  • Optimize the data display

  • Help you understand the meaning of each parameter

The list of categories has been enhanced, and each category contains groups for different measured parameters.

For more information on these new features or for an online demo, please contact us.

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