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Pilot and Industrial Scale

SCF Extraction Systems

Easy-to-use systems from Applied Separations, greening your process has never been more important.

Benefits of Supercritical Fluid Extraction

iBiosys - Supercritical Fluid Extraction - reduce impact on global warming

Reduced impact on global warming

iBiosys Supercritical Fluid Extraction - reduce energy consumption

Reduced energy consumption

iBiosys - Supercritical Fluid Extraction - no petroleum solvents

No petroleum solvents, reduced solvent use

iBiosys - supercritical fluid extraction - no hazardous or toxic residues

No hazardous or toxic residue

iBiosys - supercritical fluid extraction - reduce solvent disposal costs

Reduced solvent disposal costs

iBiosys - Supercritical fluid extraction - no addition to the greenhouse effect

No addition to the greenhouse effect

Pilot Plants

The perfect start to greening your process.

Applied Separations designates pilot systems as having extraction or reaction vessels from 5 litres to 80 litres.

Working with you, one-on-one, Applied Separations will design your custom, multipurpose, movable pilot plant or small production system. It can be as straightforward as a manual system having one extractor vessel and venting to atmosphere or an automated system having multiple extraction/reaction vessels with multiple separators, recycling the CO2.


Pilot scale - industrial scale - engineering - extraction vessel
iBiosys - scf extraction vessels

System features:


Too many to list, but here are a few...


Temperatures ambient to 650° C
Pressures from low to very high, more than 2000 BAR

Single or multiple separators

Specialty basket designs

View cells, video interface

In-vessel UV/Vis measurements

Beaming Microwave through SCF pressure vessels

Ultrasonic interfaces
Particle formation - organic or inorganic

Counter-current Columns

Automated control, Automated closures
Manual or sophisticated automated software
Crossover networks

Supercritical water
Supercritical propane and other gases and liquids
Cleanroom environments… medical or IC

iBiosys - no CO2 is produced in the SCF process

NO carbon dioxide is produced in the SCF process


Carbon dioxide is one of the most commonly used supercritical fluids. It is safe, inexpensive, readily available, and an ideal substitute for many hazardous and toxic solvents.

During the supercritical process, only existing carbon dioxide is used.

Industrial Scale

Large Scale Production Systems


Production scale systems from Applied Separations offer all the same options and advantages of the Pilot Scale systems.


With over 25 years experience, involving literally thousands of systems, Applied Separations' engineering team designs each system to operate within the unique requirements of the individual customer.


The engineering team will review your specifications, work with you to design a system customised for your application, build the system, and provide you with documentation and operating instructions. From inception to inspection, the team is there to provide guidance and assistance in making your project a reality.

iBiosys - Pilot Plant SFE system
iBiosys - Supercritical Fluid Extraction Application Notes

Application Notes.

Natural Product Industrial Scale SCF System
Natural Product - SCF Extraction
Pilot Plant SFE system
Industrial scale SFE system oil extraction
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