Making electronic sensory analysis available to all

Whether it's for a one-time or short-term project or a recurrent need for evaluation of your products, you can outsource your sensory analysis to our network of laboratories.

Unique benefits of our electronic sensory analysis services

  • Access to sensory analysis technologies & expertise not available in-house, for instrumental sensory analysis
  • Reduce time & cost required to develop and market a new product that meets the desired sensory characteristics
  • Decrease internal resource workload on sensory testing
  • Achieve specific or short term projects upon request
  • Outsource method development or tailor-made databases development
  • Increase reliability of sensory evaluation
  • Improve sensory quality of products, and for recurring projects, assure consistency over time
  • Assess products between production sites, ensuring standardised quality
  • Long term, control the sensory characteristics of your products
  • Investigate customer claims linked to smell or off-odours

Flavour, aroma, odour profiling

Sugar profiling

Geometric measurements (volume, surface area etc.)

Texture analyses

Other analyses are avalable, please contact us!

R&D applications using electronic sensory analysis

Should you replace an ingredient, aroma or packaging material? How does your product compare to competitors? We perform detailed tests on how the taste is affected for many applications, the most common for R&D are:

  • Sensory comparison of various recipes or formulations of a new product
  • Benchmarking of competitive products on sensory features
  • Odour quantification / taste quantification / sensory attribute quantification
  • Determination of origin of a product or raw material
  • Validation of the change of ingredients, electronic proof that flavour profile is within expected limits
  • Validation of new packing material, electronic proof that there is no chemical scalping from packaging or flavour scalping from product
  • Validation of new industrial site, ensure new site meets same standard in product flavour
  • New supplier qualification

Quality Control applications using sensory analysis

We carry out quality control analysis of taste variations over time, investigations on taste deviations, sustainability studies, comparative odour studies when changing ingredients etc.

  • Evaluation of process influence on sensory attributes
  • Supplier selection based on flavour / taste
  • Detection of product adulteration or fraud
  • Routine quality control of production or raw materials
  • Shelf-life and stability follow-up, ingredient selection based on their shelf life and the stability of their sensory profile
  • Process monitoring
  • Detection of off-flavour
  • Unusual defect assessment in production batches
  • Quality issue with a supplier
  • Tracking change in process

Texture Analysis

Texture is an important attribute in that it affects processing and handling, influences habits, and affects shelf-life and consumer acceptance of products.

The most common texture analyses are:

  • Hardness of food
  • Firmness testing of products
  • Studies to understand micro and macro structures
  • Assist in the development of products with specific consumer markets in mind
  • Monitoring of the effect of formulation
  • Shelf-life changes

Measure properties such as:

  • fracturability
  • chewiness
  • stickiness
  • consistency
  • bite force
  • springiness, and more.


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