Electronic Sensory Analysis

Benefit from over 20 years' experience in electronic sensory analysis. The reliability of Alpha MOS' instruments allow you to control, assess and predict the characteristics of your products thanks to the precision and objectivity of their organoleptic tests, guaranteeing your consumers the quality and conformity they've grown to expect.


Reach excellence in product quality and conformity with the accuracy and objectivity of the electronic nose.

With 80 percent of the flavours we taste coming from our sense of smell, the Heracles electronic nose from Alpha MOS allows you to obtain an accurate flavour profile with objective and reliable measurements (odour analysis).

Its numerous applications allow you to guarantee the batch-to-batch quality and conformity of your products among consumers and is an excellent tool to support your R&D in the development of new products. Other applications include detecting product fraud and counterfeiting.

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Accurate and objective, the electronic tongue allows you to control, assess and predict the taste of your products.

Ideal for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry, the reliability of the Astree electronic tongue from Alpha MOS enables you to characterise products by their taste, such as saltiness, sourness & umami (sweetness and bitterness can be measured after generating a calibration curve), making product development easier.

This reliable instrument is perfect for avoiding possible health hazards for your panel of testers when evaluating products containing harmful or unpleasant molecules.

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With the electronic visual analyser, objectively assess the visual conformity of your products.

The visual aspect of products is often the first sensory attribute perceived by consumers. The IRIS electronic visual analyser from Alpha MOS is designed to enable you to characterise the visual aspect of your products with precision.

This fast and easy-to-use tool allows you to obtain reliable, objective and detailed measurements for shape and colour analysis. The valuable data gained helps to control or improve in the visual quality of your products, and ensures a positive perception by consumers.

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