Watchtower 1

On-line outdoor air emission monitoring station

Monitor emissions and assess their impact in real-time.

The Watchtower 1 from RUBIX S&I allows for at-source and fenceline monitoring of volatile organic compounds, odours & air pollutants and

identifies the sources of pollution.

Unique benefits of the Watchtower 1 Air Quality Monitor

  • Monitor Gas & VOC emissions 24/7, with direct reading of each MOS sensor’s output, as well as in combination, for source identification on-line with propriatory data processing
  • Communication via ethernet or 3G/4G
  • Predict odour nuisance, cutting edge data processing provides online correlation with gas and sensory perception and allows impact and plume prediction
  • Identify odour sources, source identification with pattern recognition built-in software and automatic sampling
  • Fenceline monitoring, olfactory and chemical monitoring tailored to your industrial sector
  • Monitor Particles sizes, 0.3 um to 17 um
  • Receive real-time alerts, configurable alert threshold and notification by warning siren, flashing light, text message, email, etc.
  • Control process capability with automatic alarms and sampling devices
  • Noise measurement, FFT microphone for noise monitoring in DB
  • Improve communication with residents and authorities

Odour - odour unit (EN 13725, ASTM E679)

Air Quality standard - USEPA (40 CFR Part 53) and EU (2008 / 50 / EC)

Pollutant gases - in ppm or ppb H2S , NH3 plus 4 micro MOS for Global VOCs, Mercaptans, Ammonia, Aldehydes detection in low ppb

Noise Monitoring - FFT Microphone for noise monitoring in DB

Watchtower 1 Air Quality Monitor - how it works

Network of WT1 analysers

  • Suitable for any type of emission source
  • Outdoor and indoor air analysis

Field weather station(s)

Real-time measurments of local weather parameters influencing the dispersion of polluants. (RH, T°, wind speed, wind direction, rain, pyranometer )


  • Odour audit
  • Odour diagnosis
  • Impact assessment
  • Zero state
  • Technical support
  • Training


Modular and scalable, the Watchtower 1 (WT1) monitoring network is sized to your needs.

Your results are available source by source, site by site or on a regional scale.


With the RUBIX Soft SAS secured website, use your web browser to access your data, 24/7, anywhere in the world.


Designed to monitor one or more sources at one or more industrial sites, the WT 1 measurement network provides you with real-time key information for efficient management of chemicals and olfactory pollution.

Off-line dispersion plume

Dynamic 3D mapping of dispersion plumes.

Calculations of concentrations in the vicinity of the site(s).

Dispersion reports.

Online alerts & source identification

Configurable alert threshold.

Process control (Bio filters, scrubbers, ventilation …).

Pattern matching software (PCA, LDA, PLS).

Real-time alerts

Configurable alert threshold.

Notification by warning siren, flashing light, SMS, email, etc..

Control of air treatment facilities

Automatic activation & deactivation based on emissions levels.

Amount of additives adjusted to the odor concentration.

The Watchtower 1 is ideal for the following industrial sectors:



Waste water


Food industry



Pulp & paper

Aroma & fragrances

Industrial sites


Engineering consultancies


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